Links of the Week

Wes Anderson’s butcher shop, a Macbook selfie, a restaurant for introverts, and cardboard machines in the weekly digest by Bird In Flight.

Ode to Routine

Molistudio designers made a video about how monotonous human life is.

Mad Hatter

Phil Ferguson knits hats shaped as various products, drinks, sides and other foods.

Big Time Selfie

A group of artists went out to the streets of New York City to start a new trend: Macbook selfies.

Nothing Unnecessary

Deep Blue Creative House design studio tells stories about their employees and the news with minimalistic illustrations on Instagram.

Pastel Scenes

Maria Svarbova shoots stories that look like sequels for Wes Anderson’s movies.

It’s All Cardboard

Daniel Agdag creates sculptures of non-existing machines.

Food First

Frenchie to Go, a fast food cafe, personified food as people in their promo campaign.

Tasteful Robots

RobotArt contest will determine the most talented robot artist.

Life in the Shadow

Jean-Marie Donat created a collection of vintage photos with a creepy photographer’s shadow.

A Table for One

Dutch design agencies came up with Eenmaal restaurant, where you feel comfortable on your own.

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