Links of the Week

Educated pelicans, tattooed porcelain, machine gun with champagne, and pixel furniture in the weekly digest by Bird In Flight.

Still Motion

Antonio Correia creates murals under the nickname Pantonio, where characters seem to want to escape the walls.

Porcelain Tattoos

Kim Joon draws porcelain bodies covered with the signature designs of popular brands.

Got to the Point

Park Jungsoo depicts legendary interior design objects in pixel graphics.

Picture Thank-You

Retablos.ru website has the biggest collection of Mexican retablos — pictures with captions that give thanks to the saints for helping to avoid various problems, diseases, and dangers.

Mass Destruction Champagne

Extra-Night company released a machine gun for impressive champagne sprinkling that costs $459.

The Panties of Change

Oddo brand is hoping to change the world through their underwear.

Joined at the Hip

Photographer Hal wraps couples in plastic and photographs them in ‘their’ places.

Hello from the 1990s

Adrienne Salinger remembers what being a teenager in the 1990s was like.

Not a Still Life

An illustrator named Sparrows creates gif-animation, where tattoos bloom, penguins swim in ice cream, and pelicans play scrabble.

And Now the Weather

Nathalie Miebach visualizes weather forecasts through sculptures.

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