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London squats, donut-selfies, the offices of shrinks and colorful Vietnam from a hundred years ago in Bird In Flight’s weekly digest.

The Everyday Absurd

Photographer Molly Cranna turned objects bought at a dollar store into playful still lifes. Her project is the only place where fake nails and false teeth look truly elegant.

Donut Selfie

Karen Cheng, a former Microsoft employee, created a new form of the selfie — the donut selfie. To do this video-selfie you just need to move your smartphone around your head. Karen also launched a website with detailed instructional videos.

The Phantom Menace

Photographer Thomas Dagg tries to show what the fantasies of an eight-year-old Star Wars fan look like. At that age, seeing Darth Vader in a tram or a spaceship in the sky are regular occurrences.

Aged Bunnies

Robyn Twomey took photos of Playboy bunnies many years later. «The tight frames and non-retouched images allow space for one’s personal reflection on age and beauty,» the photographer commented.

Cycling Through New York

To see what’s so special about cycling around New York, you can watch this hyperlapse video.

How to Hang Photos on a Wall

Shutterfly created a useful infographic for those who want to print their pictures, but cannot find a place to put them. The illustrations explain how to hang pictures on a concrete, tile or brick wall.

London Squats

FurFur published Corinna Kern’s project on London’s squats and squatters.

The End of a Beautiful Era

Babycakes Romero takes photos of people who are with others, but devote their attention their smartphones. Caution: the images cause a feeling of shame.

I Throw Myself at Men

Lilly McElroy literally threw herself at men for for project I Throw Myself at Men. Before shooting, the artist warned the subjects just what was awaiting them, but the men still look slightly bewildered.

Innocent Plots

Photos of fathers with daughters who, at a special «Purity Ball», vowed to maintain their virginity until marriage. Photographer David Magnusson attended the ceremony and made ​​a series of cold, pure portraits.

The NoPhone

A team from the United States and the Netherlands has collected more than $5,000 for a gadget called the NoPhone. It’s a piece of plastic that can do nothing, but it looks like a smartphone. The NoPhone is an attempt to return smartphone addicts to the real world.

Colorful Vietnam

French army officer and photographer Leon Busy, traveling through Vietnam between 1914 and 1917, took more than two hundred color photographs of the then French colony.

At Reception

The offices of psychotherapists in New York have appeared in the photo book «Fifty Shrinks» by Sebastian Zimmermann. Under each photo is a story from their medical practices. The stories, in their own diversity, are in no way inferior to the office interiors.

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