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Exotic birds, edible Helvetica, Darwin's manuscripts, and a collector's portraits in the newest edition of Bird In Flight's digest.

Digital Evolution

American museum of natural history exposed Charles Darwin’s digitized manuscripts – turned out that the scientist allowed his children to draw on pages of On the Origin of Species.

No Words

Mou Hitotsu makes flipbookk — books that create the illusion of motion while you turn pages fast.

Goodbye, My Love

Parents of photographer Angelo Merendino always wave hands when they part. He captured their caring in the “Goodbye at the Door” series.

Color Splash

With the help of light emiting diodes and long exposure, Stephen Orlando is shooting gracious movements of kayaks’ and canoes’ paddles, karatekas and football players.

From the Bottom of the Sea

Mary O’Malley creates dishes that look like they have just been dragged from the bottom of the sea.

General Muster

James Mollison photographed guitars, sculptures, and black and white photograph collectors with their belongings for Christie’s magazine.

Lego Movie

Somebody called Snooperking created his or her own version of the Star Wars new trailer with the help of Lego. The video already has more than 3 million of views.


German archeologists found the biggest stone block that has ever been carved by a human. It’s more than two thousand years old, weights more than 650 tons and is located in Lebanon.

All Over the Skin

Young French artist Ines Kozik shoots portraits inspired by fairytales, tattoos and old photographs of the deceased.

Edible Font

Print Meneer created spring forms with Helvetica, Futura and Garmond fonts. The price for one letter starts at $6.38.


Uncommon Bird

Zach Seckler visualize his childhood fascination with exotic birds and created a colorful “Birds” series.

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