BBC Is Testing Personalized TV Shows

The system will estimate the psychological portrait of the viewer and adapt the characters, colors in the video and other characteristics.

BBC announced the launch of an experimental project Visual Perspective Media (VPM), which will craete video products, which are able to adapt to viewers’ tastes, The Next Web writes.

The system will work through a mobile app, which analyzes the musical tastes of the user based on the tracks in their phone and asks questions to create their psychological portrait, related to creativity, modesty, self-confidence and communicative skills. Based on the results, the program will provide a personalized version of the video, where the characters, colors and other characteristics will be different from those offered to other users.

VPM predecessor is a similar BBC project — Perceptive Radio, which creates individual playlist based on location, mood and tastes of the listener.

The system is now at the initial stage of closed testing, but the authors are planning to develop a ‘public prototype’ soon, which will make VPM experience accessible to the general public.

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