Ukrainian military found a camera stolen in Kyiv region, with the portraits of russian soldiers

The soldiers of the 24th Mechanized Brigade “Daniel of Galicia” found a Sony digital camera the russians stole from the Kyiv outskirts’ residents among the debris of enemy’s armoured vehicles at Luhansk region. The Brigade posted this information on Facebook.

“What you see is seemingly the simple photos taken by a simple camera. But this camera has its own story. Russian occupants stole it from the house of common Ukrainians in the Kyiv neighborhood and dragged it with them up to the Luhansk region,” their press-office says. It published a few photos from the camera depicting the soldiers of the russian 31st Brigade of Airborne Assault Troops (known as VDV) from the city of Ulyanovsk during their resting hours.

Photo: the 24th Mechanized Brigade “Daniel of Galicia” press-office

A photo of probable stolen P&S camera owners was also published, a woman clad in an embroidered blouse and a man in a white shirt. “We genuinely hope that the camera owners, whose pictures weren’t even deleted from the memory card by the russians, are safe and sound, and that we will be able to return them their camera which has travelled a lot lately,” the press-office adds.

Photo: the 24th Mechanized Brigade “Daniel of Galicia” press-office

The brigade’s press-officer Nazar Ilnytskiy told “Radio Svoboda” that the camera contains up to a thousand photos of a common Ukrainian family, taken at a peaceful time, as well as 11 photos and three short videos captured by the russian soldiers. According to him, the russians could steal the camera from a house in Hostomel while attempting to attack Kyiv.

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