Photographer Retakes Portraits of Two Young Women after 14 Years

Urs Recher showed how the models he shot in 2002 changed with time.

Urs Recher, a Swiss photographer, recaptured the portraits of models whom he had photographed 14 years ago — in 2002, PetaPixel writes. To do this, the author fully duplicated the angle and the light that he used when taking the portraits for the first time.

“I booked her [Caroline] regularly and I saw the slow transformation from a teen girl to a woman. So I asked her, if she would allow me to shoot her again – identically like 14 years ago,” Recher says. “With Vanessa it was very different. I shot her only once or twice in 2002. Then, just when I was busy with “Time Travel Caroline”, Vanessa “found” me on Facebook and contacted me for the first time after 14 years. Of course I invited her immediately to the studio again.”


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