How Americans React on More Books with Provocative Titles

Scott Rogowsky presents a new video from Fake Book Covers series.

Last spring, a video of American comedian Scott Rogowsky where he checks the reaction of people on NYC subway on covers of fake books with provocative titles went viral online.

The video where the authors is reading books with titles such as Why Women Deserve Less, Joy of Cooking Meth, Hiding Your Erection from God, or Math for Non-Asians now has 1.6 million views.

In January 2017, Rogowsky posted a new video from Fake Book Cover series. This time, the books that he read in the presence of other passengers were political: among them, How to Succeed in Business Without Paying Your Contractors by Donald Trump, Wet Dreams from My Father by Ivanka Trump, and How to Win Friends and Influence Elections by Vladimir Putin.


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