Popular Blogger Caught Publishing Fake Travel Photographs

Subscribers of Ticha Louktarn noticed that many of her photographs were edited in Photoshop.

Thai air hostess known as Ticha Louktarn who had a popular Instagram blog with over 150,000 subscribers deleted her account after it was revealed that most of her photographs were photoshopped, Bangkok Coconuts writes.

For a long time, Ticha shared photographs with her subscribers that she pretended were taken during her travels all over the world: among others, there were photographs on her page where she is shown posing with Finnish, US, Canadian, and other landscapes in the background.

In 2016, Internet users noted that many of those photographs had visible signs of editing, and started looking for original pictures of sceneries that the young woman used — and publishing them in the comments to her entries.

At first, Ticha deleted the photographs that her readers pointed out were fake, but after some time she deleted her account.


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