The Reaction of Trump Supporters to a Fake Election Campaign Advertisement

In only several days, the video of the experiment had millions of views.

A video capturing the reaction of Trump supporters to several fake election campaign advertising videos were uploaded on a Hulu channel, FastCompany reports. The participants of the experiment were told that they are part of the focus group to determine the effectiveness of certain ideas during the election campaign.

Each of the short videos that were shown to the subjects of the experiment appeals to the key aspects of Trump campaign — for instance, countering illegal migration or banning abortion — but takes them to the point of absurd.

In one of the videos, a man with Trump’s voice offers to install boxes with firearms all over the country: this way, the video says, women will feel safe and not be afraid of transgender people using the same bathrooms.

In a different video, Trump is talking about the necessity to counter illegal migrants from Mexico: “We will plant porta potties near places where Mexicans congregate. The doors will lock from the outside. Once all porta potties are filled and locked, they are lifted by crane, put on a truck, and driven across to Mexican border.”

Despite the ideas that are offered are outrageous, most often Trump supporters had a serious reaction to them. For instance, commenting on the idea of deporting the Mexicans while locking them in the toilet booths, one of the men said: “There is a starting point right there, it is something that could be worked with.” “What if one of us, of our kids wants to use a porta potty, would in automatically lock?” another woman wondered.

The video of the experiment quickly became viral and had millions of views in several days.

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