British Photographer Christopher Nunn Wounded in the Ukrainian Frontline

The press center for ATO Staff reported the incident on its Facebook page.

On February 2, British photographer Christopher Nunn was wounded during the shelling of the Ukrainian frontline town of Avdiivka, the press center for ATO Staff in Ukraine reported on its Facebook page. According to the post, photographer was evacuated to #66 military hospital, from where he was transported to Mechnikova hospital in Dnipro city.

According to one of the doctors, Christopher was close to the window during the mortar shelling, which resulted in numerous shrapnel wounds to the face, a penetrating wound to the left eye, wound to the right eyelid, and a nonpenetrating wound to the chest. The doctors are currently trying to save his vision.

Christopher Nunn came to Donbass area of Ukraine in winter 2014, shortly before the conflict broke out, and has been documenting both the military actions and the life of the civilian population of the region since. In 2015, he was one of the finalists of UK/raine contest for young artists from Ukraine and the UK.

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