Astronaut Publishes Pics From Space

Chris Hadfield, who recorded David’s Bowie’s Space Oddity on International Space Station, shows what he see on Earth from an illuminator.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who recorded a video David’s Bowie’s Space Oddity published a book about his three-month expedition to the International Space Station. While in outer space he made about 45,000 photos. His new book You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes has 192 of the best photos. It is available from″> for $29.95.

“The pictures belong to everybody. We’re donating the proceeds to the Red Cross. My motivation was not to get rich making this book. It was much more that I wanted people to see the world the way we see it from the space station,” says the author.

To avoid having the collection from the satellite look like generic space photos, Hadfield aimed to select the pictures which recall Earth-bound associations.

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