Boris Mikhailov Receives Goslarer Kaiserring Award

76 year old photographer from Kharkov is the winner of the prestigious Goslarer Kaiserring art award.

On January 9th, the panel of juries of the Goslarer Kaiserring art prize named Ukrainian photo artist Boris Mikhailov “one of the leading chroniclers of the Soviet and post-Soviet era,” reported Культпростір.

The award does not have a financial remuneration; however, it is one of the most prestigious prizes in contemporary art. The panel of juries consists of influential art critics and contemporary artists.

Mikhailov, who lives in Ukraine and in Germany, became famous in the West because of his documentary project Case History depicting the life of the homeless residents of Kharkov – people who were not able to adjust to life after the break down of the Soviet Union.

The Goslarer Kaiserring award is not the first recognition of the Mykhailov’s talent by the world’s art society. In 2000 he became the first and only Ukrainian to receive The Hasselblad Award in Photography. In 2008 he was elected as a member of the Academy of Arts in Berlin. His works are part of permanent exhibitions at the Metropolitan Art and Museum of Modern Art in New York, Tate Modern Art Gallery in London, Russian Museum in Saint-Petersburg, and The National Museum of Art in Osaka.

The award ceremony is held on October 10th in Goslar.

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