Photographer “Preserves” Models in Honey

Blake Little’s idea behind his “Preservation” book is to make different people equal by covering them with honey.

An American photographer Blake Little released a video from a behind-the-scene shooting of his photo book Preservation, which was presented to readers last Friday.

The author said that he came across the idea by chance when he was taking photos of a man eating honey like a bear. Little noticed that covered in honey the man’s hand looked like it was preserved in amber. Then he decided to “preserve” the man and completely covered him with honey. Later he repeated the experiment with models of different genders, ages, constitutions and races.

“When I cast for the shoot, I was looking for the real variety of people. There is a one-and-half old baby and all the way up to 85 years old mother. And different body types. The honey has a way of democratizing people, to transform them in kind of a universal way,” says Little.

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