Times Square Shows Continuous Loop Of Yawning

Artist Sebastian Errazuriz tries to get attention from bored passersbys by yawning at them.

Residents of New York, “the city that never sleeps,” will be able to see a street installation of the artist Sebastian Errazuriz, who is synchronously yawning on 50 screens in Times Square, says Metro.co.uk.

The video, which is part of the Times Square Arts initiative, will be shown every night throughout January from 11:57 pm till midnight. The artist shows that intensive life in the city’s main square makes him yawn, and by his expression of exhaustion he is trying to “wake up” passersbys.

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“I hope that the video can offer a brief moment of pause that can remind us of our urgent necessity for free space and time that can allow us to recover a stronger sense of awareness. I am yawning at everything and all of us; we need to wake up,” the artist said.

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