#Wrinkledwomen: Russian Women Protest Sexist Comment

Women request resignation of the child rights commissioner in Russia, Pavel Astakhov.

Pavel Astakhov’s comment concerning the arranged marriage of 17-year-old Luisa Goilabiyeva to Chechen police chief, Hazhud Guchigova, shocked young Russian women. During a radio interview, Astakhov said that he does not see anything strange in marriages between adults and teenagers, claiming, “Emancipation and sexual maturity come earlier in the Caucasus, let’s not be hypocritical. There are places where women are already shriveled by the age of 27, and look about 50 to us.” Russian women began posting selfies with wizened faces on Instagram using the hashtags #сморщеннаяженщина (Russian for “wrinkledwomen”) and #астаховавотставку (“Astakhov, resign”) in a backlash against the official’s comments.


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