The British Invent The Intrepid Camera

Fans of a film have designed a large format camera which can be easily carried around or even dropped with no fear of breaking down.

UK-based The Intrepid Camera Company has started fundraising campaign on the Kickstarter to start production of Intrepid Camera – affordable, compact and impact resistant 4 × 5 camera. The creators of the project say that the project was born out of a genuine fascination and love of large format cameras, and they truly believe that such “tools of arts” would be more popular if the cameras were more compact and less fragile.

The camera’s called “intrepid” because of its strong body made from birch plywood. The design keeps the weight of the camera low, about 1.2kg. It is also equipped with a ground glass focusing screen and a rack and pinion mechanism with Linhof/Technika style lens (75-300mm). The camera body has standard tripod mounts and is available in Black, Blue, Red and Green.

It is planned that price of the camera will be around $240. The fundraising campaign will continue till November 19th.

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