Vertical Cinema Festival

The Austrian Film Museum launched the experimental project “Vertical Cinema.”

During the Dutch digital art festival STRP Biennial 2015 the Austrian Film Museum presented Vertical Cinema.

Visitors of the festival were shown the program SCREEN ON | NO SCREEN — 10 short 35mm films.

“You hear it everywhere: cinema is tipping over – its epic and dramatic forms are spilling over into television, avant-garde and experimental films have fled to the galleries, and all the images that once belonged to it are now available everywhere, anytime. At the Austrian Film Museum, we tend to refrain from such sweeping and simple-minded swan songs. Instead of trying to tip cinema in its entirety into the digital netherworld, this project is content with just tipping the screen – observing how an artform changes if you respectfully chafe at its edges,” says Alexander Horwath, Director of the Austrian Film Museum.

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