Resident of NYC earned $15K through Instagram

For his birthday a young man posted for sale prints of his Instagram photos at $150 each trying to make rent money

According to Forbes, last week Daniel Arnold, a resident of New York City, earned $15K in one day by posting for sale his photos on Instagram. Daniel says that he’s never made this much money with so little effort.

Daniel was looking for employment as a photographer with no luck, so he began browsing the streets of New York City taking photos of everything around with his iPhone and his regular camera. He would spend up to 8 hours a day doing this. Right before his 34th birthday he started figuring out how to pay his next month’s rent. At midnight, on the day of his birthday, he posted the following on Instagram:

“Hi! I just turned 34. Today I will be selling 4 by 6 prints of my photographs on Instagram at $150 each. I swear, this is my first and last time selling anything out of this garbage. If you are interested to buy any of it please send me a screenshot of it to And I will give you my PayPal account. Very simple. Happy birthday to me. I love you all. ”

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22 thousand of Arnold’s subscribers read the message and had the opportunity to choose among 1300 photographs. In the morning the birthday boy found a ton of inquiries in his inbox, and they kept coming all day long. At the end of the day he calculated his income – he made $15K. Moreover, one of the customers paid him $1000 instead of $150.

As lucrative as it turned out to be, Daniel terminated the Instagram sale. “I remembered that I like taking pictures much more than selling them”. However, he thinks that he might consider doing it again sometime in the future.

The article says that Arnold was nominated as “the best Instagram photographer” by Gawker, shortly after his account was banned. The Instagram user posted pictures of topless girls.

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