Banksy’s Love Plane Moved to the Museum of Street Art

The representatives of the group that initiated it claim they want to save the mural from destruction.

Love Plane, Banksy’s work created in 2011 on one of the Liverpool parking lots, was removed and transferred to the local street art museum, Artnet writes. The mural depicts a plane that left a heart-shape trail in the sky.

Representatives of Sincura Group who initiated this said that this was done to save Love Plane from destruction. This is not the first time when Sincura arbitrarily removed Banksy’s works: in 2014, they even tried to sell one of them at the auction, which displeased the artist himself, who said their actions were ‘disgusting’.

Many Liverpool citizens were not happy with another removal of Banksy’s work. Local street artist Sam Fishwick says that by placing the mural into a museum, Sincura Group deprives it of context. “When you go and see it in a gallery it loses its charm, it loses its character,” he says.

However, the gallery that plans to house Love Plane says it is the only way to save it from destruction.

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