HBO Had the Contest of Children’s Drawings Remove the Picture Captioned with ‘Winter Is Coming’

The father of a 13-year-old autistic girl received a letter from the RedBubble administrators that informed him of deleting his daughter's work for copyright infringement at the request from HBO.

HBO asked the administration of RedBubble website to delete a drawing of the 13-year-old girl with autism submitted to the contest. The reason was the caption that said ‘Winter is coming’: this phrase is the slogan for the Game of Thrones series aired by HBO, The Register writes.

Redbubble is an Internet community of artists whose drawings are often used as prints for clothes and accessories. It may have been the reason that the lawyers of the TV channel classified this as infringement of property rights with the purpose to get profit. And even if the child did not have any plans to sell the drawing, the fact that it was uploaded on the website was enough to trigger HBO lawyers.

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