Matryoshka Doll’s New Design

Matryoshkas with tattoos, as well as dada-like and asexual dolls were presented in Tel Aviv.

Israeli street artist Mas972 went to a graffiti festival Meeting of Styles, which was held in Athens and Germany in the beginning of the year with a suitcase filled with Matryoshka dolls. He delivered traditional souvenirs to international artists and asked them to come up with a new contemporary design.
During the next six months the artist received sixty dolls with brand new designs from German, British, French, Polish, Italian and Russian artists. Last week in Tel Aviv Mas972 has opened a Babushka International Art Exhibition, which presents the result of the creative flashmob. Matryoshka dolls with tattoos, as well as bald, androgynous and many others typical Russian dolls, called “babushkas” by the artist, were presented.

“The Babushka International Art Exhibition superimposes this traditional art form to the new world of street art and graffiti, a reimagining of sorts”, says Mas972 in an interview with

The exhibition will remain of display at Kuli Alma through November 2014 with plans to travel to London, Berlin, Warsaw and Milan.

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