Adweek Named the Best Outdoor Ads of the Year

The ad for Italian cheese banned in Russia, which hides when it sees the police officers, and a polar bear stalking Londoners in the selection of best outdoor ads of the year.

Adweek published a selection of the best advertising campaigns, which were held in the streets of the cities around the world in 2015.

The list includes a realistic model of a polar bear, which was walking around London as part of the promotion campaign for TV drama called Fortitute, and PSA advertisement to counter cancer: one of the city streets had a ‘tumor’ gradually forming under the pavement.

One of the best campaigns was by Snickers, which placed stickers with the words “You make mistakes when you’re hungry” near the real-world screw-ups found in New York City, such as a door lock hidden under a door handle.


Adweek also noted tooth implants created by Argentinian beer producer Salta, designed especially for those who like to open bottles with their teeth, and partisan advertisement of Italian cheese, banned in Russia: as soon as police officers approach the lightbox, the poster automatically changes to matryoshka doll advertising.

And social advertising against domestic violence placed first: the billboard has a photograph of a battered women, and the more people look at the ad, the more signs of violence are revealed on her face.


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