American Captures International Space Station from an Airplane Window

The story of how an aspiring astronaut, Trevor Mahlmann, took this photo appeared in ISS’s Twitter.

Trevor Mahlmann, a student of Purdue University, published an image of the ISS taken by him from an airplane.

According to his own words, Mahlmann, an aspiring astronaut, flew from New York to Chicago and made the calculations that ISS should be visible during his flight. It took him 10 minutes to take several shots from the plane’s window. While still on the plane, he combined the images with the help of StarStax and Adobe Lightroom software and produced the final photo – a wing of the airplane flying at an altitude of 12 kilometers with ISS on the horizon.

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Later, ISS re-tweeted a link to the Mahlmann post featuring his story about the photo.

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