Photography Book About “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is Released

Book features interviews with the filmmakers, behind-the-scenes photographs and illustrations in style of Wes Anderson’s films.

On February 10th, Abrams Books issued a book by the Pulitzer Prize finalist, Matt Zoller Seitz, The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel which features 300 behind-the-scene photographs, says on-line magazine Huh.

Seitz conducted several interviews with Wes Anderson, in which the filmmaker shared stories about the film production, his sources of inspiration and personal anecdotes about the making of the film. The book also features interviews with costume designer Milena Canonero, composer Alexandre Desplat, lead actor Ralf Fiennes and others. The introduction was written by a playwright Anne Washburn.

In 2013 Seitz published the book The Wes Anderson Collection an overview of Anderson’s filmography. The new edition about The Grand Budapest Hotel should become a valuable addition to “The Wes Anderson Collection.”

You can purchase The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel on the publisher’s website ($35) and on Amazon ($21,42).

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