Edward Snowden is featured on WIRED cover

On Instagram, the magazine's editor-in-chief uploaded the September issue's cover featuring "the most wanted man in the world"

On the 13th of August WIRED editor Scott Dadich shared the cover photo of the magazine’s September issue on Instagram.

Edward Snowden, former National Security Agency contractor and whistleblower who exposed the agency’s secrets to the world and now resides in Russia, is gracing the cover. The photo was taken by renowned photographer Platon who shot the famous portrait of Vladimir Putin that made the cover of Time magazine in 2007.

“In June, we secretly visited Moscow to meet up with Snowden and take photos for our exclusive material written by James Bamford, — Scott Dadich writes. — Snowden spoke to us about leakage of information, his life under protection of Russia, and his journey of becoming the most wanted man in the world.”

The interview with Snowden is available on the magazine’s site.

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