Galleries Cut Back on Art Fairs and Go Digital

Marketing experts say in coming years the number of art fairs will decrease while digital advertising for art will increase.

Skate’s, a company doing world art market research, published a report from the first quarter of 2015, focusing on art fairs.

The list of the biggest art fairs of 2015 included: Arco Madrid, India Art Fair, Armory Show (New York), TEFAF, Art Basel HK, BRAFA – Brussels Art Fair, Art Stage Singapore, Artferia Bologna, ZONA MACO, Mexico City, Art Dubai, Volta New York, and Affordable Art Fair New York. 1,920 art galleries presented art pieces at the fairs (which is 7.2% higher than last year) the total number of visitors was 642,000, which is 8.4% higher than last year.

According to the experts, statistics show that the market for art fairs will stabilize and stop growing. Financially it will not be efficient for art galleries to pay for participation in art fairs. Instead they will be focusing on digital marketing and online sales, and that trend will continue.

Skate’s presents the changes in art fairs in infographics:

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