Infographic of the Day: Timeless Songs

Polygraph gathered data about the songs that don't age.

Polygraph, a resource that visualizes data, developed an infographic called The Most Timeless Songs of All Time, which includes information about the songs that remain popular despite the fact they were written 20, 30, or 50 years ago. The infographic is based on the number of times the songs were played by Spotify users.

Visualization includes several charts, one of them shows, for instance, which songs of the 1990s remain popular until the present day. The songs Smells Like Teen Spirit (played 50 mln times), Iris (played 35 mln times), and Wonderwall (played 34 mln times) are on top of the list.

Also, users can see the most popular songs for each decade. For instance, the most popular 1950s song is Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley, and Don’t Stop Believing by Journey tops the list for the 1980s.

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