500 Year Time Lapse Vid of NYC Created for WTC Elevators

Going to the top of the building, visitors of the World Trade Centre will watch what was happening 500 years ago on the place where New York stands.

A time-lapse video of the history of Manhattan Island will be shown in the elevators of the new World Trade Center in New York City, reports The New York Times.

The project, Glimpse of Doomed Tower was designed and produced by Hettema Group, Blur Studio, and Montroy Andersen DeMarco to mark the opening of a the building erected on the place of the twin towers. The walls of the elevator from the parking lot to the 102 floor will be used as a screen to show the 52 second video. It shows how the Manhattan panorama has changed since 1500 when the British colonized America.

Trailer of the video:

Opening of the new World Trade Center is slated for May 29th.

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