Photographer Captures First Seconds Of Life After Ceasarean Section local

The photo project “Cesar” by Christian Berthelot is shown as part of the Young European Photographers Festival.

French photographer Christian Berthelot is part of the Young European Photographers Festival, which is hosted by Paris Le Centquatre Gallery. Right after his son was born by C-section, the photographer began a photo project about babies born in this way. In “Cesar” he shot photos of the first seconds of the infants lives. In six months Berthelot was present at birth of more than 40 children.

“My perspective on the birth has changed. I discovered the dangers of birth,” says Berthelo. “It is for this reason that I have decided to show the beginnings of a new human being, during the first seconds of his life.”

The exhibition of “Cesar’ will be shown until March 8th, says Daily Mail.
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