Politician Resigns Due to Photo of Him as Hitler

Leader of German Anti-Islam organization had to resign from his position after photos of him dressed as Adolf Hitler appeared in a newspaper.

German politician Lutz Bachmann resigned after German newspaper published a photo made 2012, which shows him dressed as Adolf Hitler, says Mediate.com.

A Facebook photo of Lutz Bachmann, leader of Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation Of The West, shows him dressed as Adolf Hitler. Bachmann tried to downplay the selfie as a joke, taken to illustrate a satirical book about the comeback of Hitler. Later, he posted a photograph of comedian Charlie Chaplin from the comedy The Great Dictator with a note: “He is allowed satire . . . Lutz is not.”

German state prosecutors announced a criminal investigation into his “suspected incitement to hatred.” Deputy Chancellor of Germany, Sigmar Gabrial, said, “In politics, whoever dresses up as Hitler is either a real idiot or a Nazi.”

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