The new expression in English slang — “ukrained”

On the website of slang online dictionary Urban Dictionary appeared a new term related to the war in Ukraine — “Ukrained.” The verb defines the state of Russia after invading Ukraine when the aggressor in return receives worldwide humiliation: “Russia has been Ukrained.”

“When the world’s 2nd largest kleptocracy, led by mentally challenged and incompetent apparatus, decides to invade its peaceful neighbor and ends up getting slapped so hard their economy travels back in time to the stone age,” — Urban Dictionary authors clarify.

The term is suggested to be used in a context of military, political and economical fiasco of Russia. The expression “Ukrained” symbolizes the loss of the aggressor that has tried to conquer the independent state, but instead has got a feeling of quilt, with which several generations of Russians are going to live. Urban Dictionary is being made by users: they add all the materials. It’s being edited by volunteers and is being rated by the site visitors.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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