British Vogue Features ‘Real’ Women Instead of Models in November Issue

The new issue, which went on sale on October 6, was designated a 'model-free area'.

British Vogue published an issue which features ‘real women’ instead of models. The women in the issue, which went on sale on October 6, include the architectural historian Shumi Bose and the charity director Brita Fernandez Schmidt — along with the other participants they are advertising a line of designer clothes.

Alexandra Shulman, the editor of British Vogue, says that through this initiative she wants affirm that professional women “should be able to indulge their interest in fashion without it seeming frivolous”.

The Guardian writes that Shulman has headed British Vogue since 1992 and is known for her unique approach to a women’s magazine: they do not publish articles about plastic surgery or diets, and in 2009 Shulman wrote an open letter to clothes designers that said their products promote the unhealthy thinness.

Despite the issue being ‘model-free’, it will feature British actress Emily Blunt on the cover. Shulman says it does not contradict the concept, as in her latest movie, The Girl on the Train, Blunt appears as an everyday woman.

Cover photo: Alexandra Shulman, the editor of British Vogue

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