Samsung Released a Series of Motivational Videos for People Who Work Out

The company advertised a Galaxy S7 smartphone and Gear Fit2 fitness band.

Samsung released a series of advertising videos called Bring on the New Year, to promote the use of the Galaxy S7 smartphone and Gear Fit2 fitness band when working out, Adweek writes.

The first video is about people who go to the gym — the authors talk about why so many people voluntarily participate in a draining training routine time after time, making their bodies cope with difficult exercises. “Yeah, working out is crazy,” says the voiceover after the camera shows a man happy after finishing his exercise. “But aren’t we all?”

Other videos show the stories of men who are trying to get rid of extra weight with the help of running: the first one gets tired after running only several dozen meters from his house, the second one is trying to compare his body to the mannequin in the windows of a sports show, hoping that he had come at least a little bit closer to his goal.

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