Social Advertising Shows an Honest Party at a Tobacco Company

Dutch organization Stivoro that works in preventing smoking and Wefilm agency created an advertising about an honest corporate party at the tobacco company.

The video shows a goodbye party for an employee. Her colleagues are drinking champagne and having a lively conversation. The boss gives a speech: “I am unhappy with my job, lie most people here. But we try to ignore that fact the best we can, especially today. This is a trite speech.”

“We won’t have to think about the fact that more than half of our customers die due to the effects of our product,” one of the employees says.

After that, the boss says that in the Netherlands alone 20,000 people die from smoking-related causes, and hundreds of children become smokers. “,” he adds. He finishes the speech, and the video shows conversations between the employees who smile and share with each other that they don’t sleep without a bottle of wine and don’t tell their families about their jobs.

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