American Man Accidentally Sends a Message for a Killer to the Wrong Address

According to the police, the man wanted to hire a killer to get rid of his wife and daughter to receive the insurance payments of $1.5 million.

Jeff Lytle, 42, of Washington state was arrested on suspicion of the attempt to hire a killer to kill his wife and four-year-old daughter. Fox News reports that the man’s plans were revealed when he accidentally sent a text message meant for the killer to the wrong number.

The message ended up being sent to the former boss of the suspect. Lytle was reminding the recipient named Shayne about their conversation earlier, where the latter promised him to help him kill his wife, and said he was ready to take up on that offer.

The police says that Lytle was ready to kill not only his wife, but also his daughter. According to his insurance plan, he was supposed to receive about $1.5 million in case his family members died — Jeffrey planned to use part of this amount.

When talking to the authorities, the suspect himself said that he didn’t plan to send this message — it was just stored as draft on his phone. Lytle’s wife said that they had been married for over seven years and have been seriously struggling financially recently, after her husband lost his job.

Lytle’s case is going on trial soon. For now, he was released on bail.

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