Video: Visual References in Wes Anderson’s Movies

Candice Drouet put together scenes from classical movies and works of art that the filmmaker mentioned as an influence in his interviews.

French actress Candice Drouet published a 1.5-minute video where she puts together scenes from Wes Anderson’s movies with scenes from films that he uses as a reference. The selection includes only those movies that Anderson mentioned in his interviews, speaking of the works that inspired him.

Among them — Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock, Kes by Ken Loach, Moonrise by Frank Borzage, Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick, Summer with Monika by Ingmar Bergman, and Before Sunrise by Richard Linklater.

The selection includes references not only to the movies, but also, for instance, to the painting Orange and Yellow by Mark Rothko and a 1900 photochrome that Anderson uses as a reference for one of the scenes from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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