Trailer of a Heath Ledger Documentary Is Released

The film includes footage from the private archive of the actor who died in 2008.

Spike, an American TV network, published a trailer of a new documentary about Heath Ledger. The world premiere will take place on April 23 at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, and the movie is planned to be screened in the cinemas in May.

The movie called ‘I Am Heath Ledger’ includes scenes from various feature films where he played, interviews with his friends and colleagues, as well as footage from his private archive: some taken by himself, and some by his close friends.

“There were always cameras around,” one of the interviewees in the movie, model Christina Cauchi says. “A video camera, or a Polaroid camera, or a film camera. That’s the only way I think of him — with a camera in his hand.”

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