World Press Photo Winner Rob Hornstra to Teach a Three-Day Workshop in Kyiv

Applications for participation are accepted until July 3.

On July 10—12, Dutch photographer, head of the photography department at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Rob Hornstra, will teach a three-day workshop Storytelling: From Concept to Project at the Bird In Flight Photo School. Participants will learn to transform an idea into a completed project and different strategies for creating a photo project, as well as how to make sure that the completed series reaches an audience. They will also be able to discuss the content and goals of their current project with Hornstra during the workshop.

“We all have great ideas for a new photo series. And we are all able to handle a good camera and take marvelous pictures. So what can go wrong? On the flip side, even your nephew or your neighbor nowadays knows how to take a good picture with their mobiles and they also have great ideas,” Rob Hornstra says. “So what makes the difference between you and them? Why do some photographers manage to come up with successful photography projects time after time? And how can you stand out with your independently-made project in this oversaturated professional photography field. We will concentrate on practical methodology and on learning how to go from a potentially good idea to a completed project.”

To take part in the workshop, you need to have a work in progress with a short draft description, as well as pass a selection after filling out an online application. The deadline for submissions is July 3. The details about the program and cost of the workshop are available at the Facebook page of the event.

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