Burger King Answered McDonald’s in Their New Commercial

The authors of the video found a way to reply to their competitors.

Burger King France produced an ironic answer to the McDonald’s commercial, which was released last week, Adweek writes. The second video continues the events of the first.

As part of McDonald’s campaign, which aimed to show that they are better than Burger King, the company installed two billboards styled as road signs near the French town of Brioude, which show the distance to the nearest restaurants of both fast food chains. According to them, the nearest Burger King was 258 km away, while the nearest McDonald’s — only 5 km away.

In the new video by Burger King, a couple noticed the billboards and decides to use McDrive, where they order a large coffee, as they have a long way to go to their favorite Whopper. When they finally reach Burger King, they say it was worth it: “That was not even that far”, — the young man says.

McDonald’s commercial, released last week:


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