BuzzFeed Re-Creates Calvin Klein Underwear Ads

The male employees of BuzzFeed model underwear and discuss their feelings about their bodies.

BuzzFeed published a photo series that parodies famous Calvin Klein underwear ads. BuzzFeed’s staff Spencer Althouse, Logan Rhoades, Dan Oshinsky, Isaac Fitzgerald, Kevin Smith and Matt Ortile did the modeling themselves.

“Our intention is simply to celebrate our bodies, have fun, and remind everyone that people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors,” commented the men.

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Participants of the photo shoot talked about how they feel about their bodies, what they think about men’s underwear ads and shared their impressions of the project.

“When I first saw my photo, I didn’t want to look at it directly. But the more I forced myself to stare at my body, the curves and slopes I only knew as soft flesh with the occasional taut muscle, the more I saw myself. That photo is exactly right. That’s what I look like. I’m that tan-skinned Asian dude of slight build wearing damn good underwear. I’m still hitting the gym at least four times a week and taking ballet class when I can, but I’m reminded that I don’t have to try to be Jamie Dornan. I can be myself,” wrote Matt Ortile.

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