Canon Placed Tips for Photographers in New York City

Interactive billboards will help you take an ideal shot.

Canon placed digital billboards in popular places in New York City, which are aimed to help photographers create ‘ideal shots’, Adweek writes.

The interactive billboards will demonstrate tips about exposure setting at certain time and information about how much time is left till the ‘golden hour’ (short period of time after the sunrise or before sunset, when the natural light creates perfect conditions for a photo shoot).

The algorithms will take into account the weather, traffic conditions and even the events nearby: in case of a show nearby, the users will be informed about the best settings for shooting in low light.

“We started by looking at the hottest regions of photo activity in NYC, based on where people were taking and posting the most photos, which guided the placement of our billboards, — the organizers said. — In process we will be listening to the feedback”, — they added.


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