In Canada Photographers Smashed 70 Bus Stops That They Used in Their Photo Project

Local authorities estimate the total damages at $30,000.

Two photographers were charged by the Edmonton police for smashing 70 local bus stops in several days, which they earlier photographed for their photo book, PetaPixel writes.

According to the law enforcement, Leonardo Autera from Italy, 55, and his fellow photographer Cynthia Zambrano, 38, fired marbles at the glass structures from a slingshot. Local authorities estimate the total damages at $30,000.

It is reported that the photographers were in town working on their personal project since November 2015. The Edmonton Examiner, a local newspaper, wrote that they were working on a photo book about passengers who were waiting for their buses. In several months Autera and Zambrano took about a hundred photographs of Edmontonians.


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