Jewish Newspaper Photoshops Angela Merkel

Ultra-orthodox Jewish newspaper removed German chancellor from Paris Unity March photo.

Ultra-orthodox Jewish newspaper HaMevaser covered the events of Paris unity march with a specific angle, states Petapixel. The news story on the front page of the newspaper contains Haim Zach’s image, and depicts political leaders marching on the streets. But, all the women were photoshoped out of the photo; German chancellor Angela Merkel as well as Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo disappeared.

Israel’s newspaper Haaretz explained, that removing women from the public life is part of the Orthodox policy of HaMevaser, which includes not publishing pictures or names of women.

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As a response, Irish Satiric periodical Waterford Whispers published published a similar image with a title, “Feminist Newspaper Photoshop’s Male World Leaders Out Of Paris March” removing all the men.

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It is not a first case of female politicians having “disappeared” from the pages of the Jewish newsletters. In 2011, Tsitung removed Hillary Clinton from a photo that featured Barack Obama.

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