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Lightness of Being:
How the Locals in Turkey Spend Their Free Time

When studying at Marmara University, Ukrainian photographer Stepan Rudik traveled around Turkey and photographed how the locals relax in their free time.
Stepan Rudik Age 33

Born in Izmail near Odessa, Ukraine; lives in Poland. Majored in Fine-Art Photography. Member of Photo Artist associations in Ukraine, Russia, and Poland. Winner of international contests. Recipient of Gaude Polonia scholarship in 2010.

— When I was studying in Istanbul, I traveled around Turkey a lot — I wanted to get to know the country as much as I could. Many times, I was surprised at how the locals are spending their free time — they play games together, spend time in the nature with their family, friends, or alone. What’s important, they do it sober.

The political situation in Turkey is rather complicated. During my four months in Istanbul, there were several protests against the government, and almost every time they were brutally dispersed. Despite this fact, the Turkish people remain warm and family-centered. They know how to relax and be happy about life just like children.

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