Links of the Week

Paper movies, sweet burqa, abstract people and protesting potatoes in the weekly digest by Bird In Flight.

Notes of an Epoch

Bill Dane traveled half the world documenting life in the 1970s.

Photo Suspense

Kyle Bean and Aaron Tilley took a series of photographs that convey the feeling of anxious anticipation.

Dry Residue

Joel Krebs predicts what the famous world sites would look like when there is no more water on Earth.

Paper Stories

Mar Cerdà creates miniature versions of objects from her favorite films, plays, and memories.

Haute Couture Baked Goods

Chloe Wise turned waffles and buns into fashionable accessories.

Literally Gifted

Car Pintos can cover almost any surface with letters.

People on the Maps

Mark Powell draws portraits on ancient geographic maps.

Vegetable Protest

Peter Pink helps vegetables fight for their rights.

If They Were a Painting

Flora Borsi imagined the models who posed for abstract paintings.

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