Drone Accidentally Captured Newlyweds Lying on a Hong Kong Roof

Looking through the footage made by DJI Phantom 3 drone, Brandon Li found an unusual image.

Filmmaker Brandon Li published a photograph that he accidentally took when testing his new drone: it features newlyweds lying on the rooftop of one of the buildings in Hong Kong, PetaPixel writes.

“A friend and I were testing out a DJI Phantom 3,” Li said. “The battery was almost dead so we pointed the camera down to catch another angle and let the drone return to home.” The photographer said he had no idea that his drone managed to take this picture and found out only when he was looking through the pictures.

“[I have] no idea who they are, but I assume they were practicing a pose for a wedding photograph or something,” Li assumed. His photograph was widely shared on social networks, so he hopes it will help him find the strangers and present them this photograph.

Cover photo: Brandon Li

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