Infographic of the Day: The Map of Literary Genres

It took Martin Vargic, a child prodigy from Slovakia, about a month to finish it.

17-year-old designer Martin Vargic from Slovakia created an illustrated map that shows how literature developed from Ancient Greece to nowadays.

The map is broken into dozens of tentative country-continents, and each of them has a literary genre or school attached to it: starting from Ancient Greek and medieval literature and ending with modern fiction and nonfiction. The author says it took him about a month to create the map.

“I was always interested in maps and infographics, and the elegant, multilayered way they can portray large amounts of information about the world we live in.”, — Vargic told Huffington Post. Vargic’s Miscellany of Curious Maps, a book that united all of his 64 projects, was published at the end of September in the UK.

Here you may see the map in full resolution.


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