Without immediate evacuation predators from Kharkiv eco-park could be put down

UPD: Five cages, sedative drugs, and two transportation vehicles were found, the UAnimals organization reports. A professional vet will take part in the evacuation.

Kharkiv eco-park has been severely damaged by the Russian shelling, reports Oleksandr Feldman, the eco-park owner, people’s deputy of Ukraine, and entrepreneur. Without immediate evacuation, predators from the eco-park could be put down due to security reasons by the end of April 5.

“The eco-park exists no more. It was destroyed after yesterday’s massive missile and air attacks. Cages and the infrastructure are destroyed. The animals are still alive by sheer chance, but their cages are severely damaged and they can get their way to the streets at any moment. The building, where bears live, is in critical condition,” says the eco-park owner.

The eco-park team now communicates with the UAnimals organization and other charitable foundations regarding the animals’ accommodation in Ukraine or abroad. The evacuation of predators remains the main problem. It requires the involvement of a big number of people and special vehicles.

The evacuation might draw the occupiers’ attention and provoke further shelling. Currently, the team plans a safe route to the Poltava region to transport tigers, lions, bears, and other animals. More than 4000 animals have lived in the eco-park — the team managed to evacuate kangaroos, apes, hoofed animals, and birds.

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