New External Flash for Phones on Kickstarter

Lume Cube is the first external bluetooth-flash for Android, iPhone, and Android.

Australian designers from IC12″>IC12 have started a Kickstarter campaign to collect money to start manufacturing of Lume Cube, a portable flash and video lightening which will help photographers, videographers and iPhoneographers shoot after dark.

You can connect up to five Lume Cubes to your iPhone or Android smartphone using a simple app which allows adjustment of brightness and control of the duration of lighting. Lume Cune has a powerful build-in magnet, innovative suction cup and mini tripod. The battery has power for 2 hours of constant work and charging time is only 1 hour.

During the first three days on the Kickstarter, the developers collected a quarter of the pledged $56,000 goal.

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